December 23, 2012

[Nail Arts] Purple Gradient X Gold Crackle

Yeah, Christmas is coming and I should be doing some holiday-theme manicures.  I don't why but I wasn't feel too energetic for doing so.  I purchased the Bundle Monster Christmas limited edition plate and I should put it into use somehow.  Maybe I will try that next.

Here is a Purple duo from Nicole by OPI.  They were originally packed as a set when I picked them up from Shoppers about a year ago.  It was on clearance rack for $6.  Yes, $6 for two Nicole by OPI nail polishes is a great deal!  Even though  I wasn't really a fan by this line, I still picked them up just for sake of the good price.   The gold crackle nail polish by China Glaze was the prize from the recent Seattle trip.  I got from Sally beauty for a buck.  Crackle is no longer the trend in nail polish world, but I don't care.  Actually, I never follow the trend in nail world and the fashion magazine what-so-ever.  As long as the price is good I will pick up few just for fun.

What I used:
Nicole by OPI- The Grape Debate (Middle)
Nicole by OPI -Glitz and Glisten (Right)
China Glaze- Cracked Medallion

3 Coats of The Grape Debate, a dark plum colour

Another picture, without a topcoat

I use Glitz and Glisten to do the gradient part and the sponge from dollar store. To make money worth, I cut the sponge into small piece like this.  In this way, a sponge can produce about at least 20 manicures :)

The finished gradient without a topcoat

And I applied the Crackle on the ring finger and finished with a top coat

The front of tip is not smooth, it's a pitfall for gradients.

The angle shows the sparkly reflection :)

Yes, I like this gradient nail art.  The crackle was something unexpected.  I only own one bottle of crackle effect nail polish from OPI.  The OPI one has larger spaces on the crackle surface than this China Glaze one.  I was expecting the gradient can be seen through the crackle effect a little bit more tho.  Anyway, now I know that every brand has a slightly different crackle formula.

Sadly, as I predicted, my nail chips the very next day as all the Nicole by OPI polish I own. 

Anyway, I really enjoy this purple mani, what do you think?


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