June 12, 2013

[Nail Arts] Garden Flowers

Yes, I love this colour combo!

I have been really busy recently due to school, so yes, less time for nail arts! I did this flower design in my friend's house yesterday! It's incredibly fun to play nail polishes with your friends for a whole afternoon!( chat and desserts included). I did not have the tools I generally used, so it is actually hard for me to sketch the flower (I used a wide-end tooth pick that my friend's household use lol...).

I used the Cuccio So So Sofia as base. I am not sure if this is the colour because I received mine in May topbox without any labels. I googled up and I think it is the colour. This is my first experience with Cuccio brand and I am not a big fan of the formula. I guess maybe it is because it a little bit sticky, maybe the thinner is required. It takes me 3 coats and I still can see the unevenness. The rest of colours came from my friend's crazy collections, I don't remember all of them lol