May 4, 2013

[Purchase] Anti-Glymm Box Box & Picks from Nail Polish Canada

I swear I won't purchase more nail polishes in the the near future!

Anti-Glymm Box Box

Glymm, a Canadian beauty box subscription suddenly disappeared from the earth about 1.5 weeks ago! A lot of girls, included myself, lost their money and cannot claim their purchases back. I am currently in process with my VISA card company, and they need 4 weeks to investigate the case before they can refund me back. Glymm owe me 7 months subscription, which is a lot for me.

I got information from Facebook Canadian Beauty group about Nail Polish Canada is currently offering a special box for the previous Glymm box subscribers for free! YAY! I was so happy and I ordered this box right away! They have 3 choices in terms one of the nail polish, I chose Nova, which is a pretty multi-colour glitter.

My Picks from Nail Polish Canada, they even included a lollipop!

Their shipping rate is $3, which is an amazing deal, too! But I decided to spend $25 in exchanging for free shipping.  I took this opportunity to order some nail polishes I have been eyeing for almost a year and don't have access to get them.  Yes, I got my very first Nfu-Ohs! So excited!  I picked 2 of Nfu-Ohs and one OPI nail polish, which my supplier does not have it any more!

I highly recommend Nail Polish Canada, they have a lot of variety of nail polishes brands, which are so hard to find in Vancouver! They carry the newest collections and have a lot of different rare nail polishes!  Their shipping and customer service are also amazing! I placed my order on the late Friday night, and I got it in the very next Monday! Can you believe that? The care packaging and lollipop make you feel good too! Also, this deal shows that they pay attention to the customers and are willing to please us! I will definitely purchase from them in the future!

I cannot wait to try them soon... they look sooo promising in the bottles! Hope I can get my camera back next week! Thanks so much Nail Polish Canada!


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