May 2, 2013

[Nail Arts] UBC Arts Logo Manicure

I love my faculty and purples!

About a week ago, I attended UBC Arts Send-Off Party in Science World.  I want something goes with the theme, so I created this nail art! I only got an hour for this mani, so not very detailed. The siginature colour of UBC Arts is purple and I love it a lot.  I was going to make it with microbeads, but I did not have enough time to do so.

I use Essie Play Date (light purple) and Ciate Cabarent (dark purple) for this manicure. Nothing really fancy and difficult. The only problem is that I cannot wait for dry again (as always!). I do not have yellow liner, so I use my silver striper instead.  It turns out OK :)

I am being really late of my postings, so bear with me here!


  1. Oh I go to UBC too, science though.
    So are you graduating this year?

  2. Yes, I am graduating this year!! Science? OMG, you are a neighbour then! PS: I like your blog with another girl, but I rarely leave messages!