May 15, 2013

[Nail Arts] Polka Dots X Forever classic!

Reminds me of spring and breeze!

A  polka dot manicure. I used Julep Leah (Green) and Carrie (Pink). I like the combination and it is very cute! I am currently experiencing different topcoats, and this is Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat. I smudge a little bit tho. I guess it requires longer dry time than Seche's then.  Leah is the colour I like the most from my mystery box.  Some of nail polishes I received in mystery box require some thinner before use. I still like the idea, because I can haul some polishes for cheaper!

This is my recent mystery box from Julep. Not very impressed by the content. I only got four nail polishes :(  I checked online that some other girls have like at least 5 colours and I really don't mind about the body scrub at all. I can get a much larger jar of body scrub in Body shop for cheap. However, since I started doing research on Big Threes, I noticed about Julep is a FOUR FREE brand. Well, even the formula is not the best, I can bear it as long as I know they don't add those toxic chemicals. 

I decided I am going to keep subscribe to Julep, based on the fact that their polishes are four free. I already cancelled all of my beauty box subscriptions by this point then.


  1. Yea your mystery box is meh.
    The look you did is great, kudos!

    1. Yeah, no more mystery box for me :( I rather go for cheap sales hahaha.