December 21, 2012

[Nail Arts] Simple Red with Stars

After I returned from my shopping trip, I immediately took out all the nail goodies I got to make a manicure.  I got home about 11 pm and I only had a hour to get a manicure done, so  I decided to try something simple and Christmas-y (hopefully).

I used one of Color Club nail polish I got from Ross.  It is super weird that the packaging says that is "Wild at Heart" Collection, but this red doesn't seem like should be in the collection.  In fact, a lot of colors in the set seem like from something else.  I don't know, maybe someone change the nail polish in Ross.   I don't like to complain- because you got 7 nail polishes for $8 bucks.  Well, I cannot have high expectation tho.

Basically, I just pick up some stars from my new Bundle Monster rhinestone wheels, and Ta-Da!

This is what turns out! I am not sure why this red nail polish has small bubbles when I applied it.  I guess that is because I took the nail polishes to travel with me. I somehow shake them too much to cause that problem.

I have to say the silver stars are not very outstanding. A bad Choice!

It is a very simple manicure, but there is one thing I want to complain.  The stars catch any kind of fibers.  I have to take this off in the very next day, because it picks on my clothing like crazy. 

What do you think about this simple mani?


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