December 16, 2012

[Nail Arts] Newspaper Prints

I long to try this technique for a long time, but I also have other endless designs on my "next-try" list! I saw this on a YouTube half year ago. I think it is a very cute idea AS LONG AS you can find a 'right colour' for the base. I guess that this won't look good with a bright pink base colour for sure.

I am using my new Ciate mini bottle from the advent calender set, the colour is called 'Cookies and Cream' ! A light gray creme colour which does not catch my eye in the first place. But this is really nice tho!
WARNING: This set is super adorable! Though I did not follow the numbers on the advent set at all.
I bet that I cannot test all of them before Christmas.

I did not do a prefect job on transferring the newspaper print onto the nails. But it won't look too terrible since newspaper is always a little bit "messy".

I run into a little bit trouble when applying Ciate's cookies and cream. The bottle  got a shaky brush. But I do not have this problem with other Ciate minis so far. Weird.

Also, my Seche topcoat is getting sticky. I need a new one soon! 

Overall, I am still quite satisfied!

What do you think?


  1. Oh, wow, Christine. I think this is one of the coolest designs I've seen you do! (But I'm a word nerd, so maybe I'm biased.)