December 26, 2012

[Purchase] Nasty Nails Kit

A late Merry Christmas greeting !!!! I was extremely busy with a lot of things recently :D
Finally feel the holiday spirit after couple shopping trips!

I placed an order on a recently discovered site Nasty Nails a week ago, and received on Christmas eve, it feels like a early Christmas present!! (From myself to myself  LOL).

I highly recommend this website, they don't have a lot of selections, but they do have very very very good price and the brands I like (eg: Essie, OPI etc.).   They also provide free shipping and handling for all of orders, how awesome is that for Canadians?  :D  Plus, I really love their customer service.  The online chat function is great, and the staff are really helpful and polite.  Their website also is very clear on the product instruction  and what will you receive etc. They also provide some videos to show you how to create simple nail art looks.   I just love them so much.  I will definitely purchase more from them in the future.

I ordered a "Leopard Print by Chelsea" which consists two Essie nail polishes, a Seche topcoat (my favorite  and a two way black nail art pen for a discounted price: $12.74+free shipping.

Yes, it's an insanely good deal!!  Essie is my favorite nail polish brand, but they are so expensive in Canada.  I cannot believe that Nasty Nails can offer that damn good price for it.  I wonder that they will go out of business soon for offering such a low price. ( I know, I am so bad! ).

 I personally do not like the demo of kit.  Actually, I don't need this kit to create leopard look at all.  I bought it just for the Essie nail polishes and I am running low on my Seche topcoat.

Anyway, this is what I got:

Essie- Chinchilly (taupe)
Essie- Where's My Chauffeur? (teal blue)

A quick swatch for the colours!
I am sorry for the hands, I have been cooking too much those days!

I really love everything I received except one thing.  Yes, the two way black nail pen is not very good.

This is what I meant.  It shapes like that and I cannot make it "straight"!!!

Actually, there is a little bit spread on the back, and the smell is terrible!  Fortunately all other items are fine and it did not spread onto other products.  I don't want to mention that the nail art pen brush itself is not very good too.

Overall, I am still highly recommend this website and their kits.  I know that I wasn't too happy with the two way black nail art pen, but it is still an amazing deal.  I don't think any Canadian shops can beat this.
I will definitely order with them in the future!

What do you think? Do you place an order too?


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