February 14, 2014

Valentine's Manis: Melting Hearts and Dessert Chocolates

For Valentine's Day, I decided to do something different this time!

 I created two looks for Valentine's day: Melting Hearts and Milk & White Chocolate Desserts, pick one to impress your BF lol  The right side is a Shakespeare sonnet that I like very much.

Look One : Melting Hearts

Remember I posted Melting Hearts nail tutorial by Katy Parsons at DivineCaroline on Facebook  before and I said I am going to try it?  Yes I know that I am a liar, don't usually do what I promised at all, but this time I did.  Ta-da! this is the result.  I did a round hear design on the ring and index finger to make more varieties.  I use E-Nail Sleeping Beauty and Ice Cream for the bases, and you know the rest.

I really love the colorful hearts around the edge design, it gives a feeling of spring and happiness.  Maybe we need a box of chocolate with different color icing coats? It will be lovely!

 Look Two: Milk & White Chocolate Desserts

My original thought was to create chocolates black and white ones.  I chose E-Nail Strawberry for the index and small fingers base, because I want to create the feeling of strawberry white chocolate.  Hahaha, my BF said it looks more like geometric design than white chocolate then.  The white chocolate was created by E-Nail Strawberry Yogurt; a white with pink undertone, it's also the Super Star of February.  Finally, I topped a bit Baby's Breath on the white chocolates to give glittery effect.

For milk chocolate, it's very simple.  I use E-Nail Chocolate for the base and topped my new glitter Magic Wand.  Finally, I use dark brown color paints to give the chocolate a tasting melts.  I really love Magic Wand, don't think I own a brown glitter before, but it's amazing!  That's it, I hope you enjoy my Valentine's designs.  Wish everyone has a wonderful time with your dear one.

Finally, let me show of here, my BF went and got a gift for me, I am sososososososo happpy!

Guess what is it? hehehehehehe!


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