February 10, 2014

Classic Chinese New Year Theme

After a week of relaxing vacation, I finally got time to upload my Chinese New Year manicure!

I was going to do something funkier than this one, but considering I am in Taiwan that my extend family may jump if I do something crazy, I decided to go for a traditional theme.  I  use E-Nail Little Cherry for the reds, Mocha for dark brown and color paints for the rest.  The index finger is a Chinese world means 'spring'.  I really need a bottle red soon, it's dangerously low now.  I didn't realize how important red is for doing manicures lol.

I use the new sequins that I got in a nail shop.  They are very cheap so I got a whole set and I post before on the FB. The red ones are not as sparkling as I thought they will be through.  I should use the rhinestones to replace them for a more shining effect.  I really want gold sequins for this mani, but it was so popular and sold out everywhere I could think of during Chinese New Year.  It's okay then.

Although it's super late now, I still want to say again here "Happy Chinese New Year everyone!"  Even if you are not a Chinese, it's not wrong to celebrate it with some friends.  I hope everyone has/had wonderful time with family and dear friends.  It will be cool to host a nail party during the holiday as well lol


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