February 24, 2014

Blue Duo and Gold Studs

Finally got time to use some studs!

Remember Blackbox from Cult Cosmetics from ages ago? It provides some shinning studs that I never got time use it until now.  I was surprised by the size of studs, they are so huge!  In fact, I have trouble to make them staying since I use water-based polishes.  For normal polishes, all you need is two heavy topcoat and are all set.  I use E-Nail Baby Blue and Popeye, plus some silver paint to mark out the lines.

As I said before, the only problem is that the studs are too big and they fell off very easily.  Water-base nail polishes do not have good durability as we all know, maybe they are not sticky enough to hold the accessorizes.  I still enjoy this mani for like 1-2 good days, it's enough for me :)  A note here: from now on, I will have less time for blogging, but don't worry I am still keep going... just don't have time to post them soon.  Stay tuned for the updates on Facebook!


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