February 6, 2014

Opposite Funky Stripes

I really love this mani, this is probably the most satisfying work after the new year fireworks!
PS: The Chinese New Year mani is still on the way, so lazy to post after the holiday lol

Very straight-forward mani, just do the bases and paint the lines.  I don't know why but the simplicity is just stunning.  I use E-Nail Christmas Tree and Strawberry for the bases.  I like the funky feeling of this manicure, it reminds me of circus and some lola-hoops lol   I wish the white color paint can be a bit whiter.  It may be the sacrifice I have to pay using purely water-based nail materials.

The lines are again wiggy.  Glad I am getting better over time.  I really love the color Christmas Tree, and I am so afraid it is going to run out since it's a limited edition.  I received some 'lucky money' from my red envelops and they are screaming ' spend us' to me.  Maybe I should get a backup then (?)  I really want to save some money from the upcoming Valentine's day on my BF.  We will see how it goes lol


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