May 28, 2013

[Just Colour] Summer Sugars!

Yes, liquid-sand/texture/seashell finish is the hot trend of this year as everyone knows!

My parents came to Vancouver a couple days ago and took me to States on the weekend (YAY!). I will have another separate post about what I got hahahaha!. I have been eyeing the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat collection and finally got them! They also have Fuzzy Coat collection, but the target I went to only had one colour left tho. I picked three polishes from Sugar Coat then.   This colour is Bubble Plum, a semi-pink-purple colour! Absolutely my favourite!

The bottle is quite adorable too! I like how companies have to come up with different names for a particular texture hahaha! Liquid-Sand, Texture, Sugar Coat etc.


I only have OPI liquid sands so far, and I have to admit that I prefer Sally's formula tho! While I need 3 coats of OPI liquid sands, I only need 2 coats from Sallys' and they dry up pretty fast. The texture is slightly different from OPI's as well, you can check here. OPI has more chunky glitters!

I still have another two colours to swatch, but I have to say I am in love with this now! They are rock hard and hard to chip too. But I am not sure if that has something to do with my new base coat. I wore 3 days without chips, it is quite amazing! Everyone should try it!


  1. This kinda reminds me of pussy galore from the bond collection from OPI, but darker.

    1. I have seen it in the store, I think I know which one you are talking about lol. For now, I prefer Sally Hansen ones!