May 11, 2013

[Announcement] Beware of Big Threes!

Yesterday, a friend came visited me and we played nail polishes together. She told me about Formaldehyde is very bad for health and I should check all my nail polishes' ingredients.

I am a big nail polish user, and I own many of them. I came across some articles about the Big Threes long ago and did not pay attention to it too much. I was thinking that the modern nail polishes should be relatively safe. Why? A lot of girls use them daily, if the companies continue to sale the toxic stuffs, how come there are no complains or cases resurfaced yet?

I did some parliamentary researches yesterday and I changed my mind. The Big Three toxic chemicals commonly found in nail polishes are Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibuty Phthalate (DBP). Of course there are probably more other toxic chemicals are not listed out yet, but those definitely are the top targeting priorities. I rushed to my nail polish piles and checked my topcoat and base coat first. Those are mandatory for every single manicure and I use them most often.  Everyone knows I like Seche Topcoat, and it has Toluene in it.  OPI Topcoat contains Formaldehyde !

This is not news. There are already ongoing conversations in other peoples' blogs regarding those toxic chemicals such as All Lacquered Up and LacqueredGlamour.  The companies claim that the amount of those toxic chemicals are relatively low and they should not cause any damage to us.  It might be true, but I checked the effects of those Big Three chemicals can cause yesterday, I DEFINITELY DO NOT WANT TO TAKE ANY CHANCES!

In the next few days, I am going to investigate all of my nail polishes to check they are BIG THREE FREE. There are some companies already claim all of their products are BIG THREE FREE, but I want to double-checked all of them! I am also seeking for new good topcoat ASAP, so if you have recommendations, please let me know.  I have a Julep Freeman Topcoat, I will check the ingredients in that one next.

If I have time, I will check what other toxic chemicals commonly found in nail polishes are dangerous and do not list as top priorities as well. I want to look good, but I also want to be healthy!


  1. Oh really! I am surprised that the big names in topcoat has those stuff in it! Huh...

    1. Yes, but my OPI is from 1 year ago, so I am not sure if they change the formula or not.