March 4, 2013

[Nail Arts] First Attempt for Nail Tapes

I ordered some nail tapes/strips in e-bay back in December as my Christmas gift to myself.  I have seen many other great bloggers did their nail strips. They are absolutely eye-catching!!!  I learned fast enough that this is only applied if you DID IT CORRECTLY lol.

I didn't expect the strips are so hard to work with. It is very easy to catch on hairs! It's not easy to cut the length that fits your nail perfectly.  It is also very easy to mess up!

I ended up doing something looks very simple, but took a long time for me to do this!

The colour is Ciate Headliner from my mini calender set.  I was thinking to create something TIFFANY-LIKE.  I didn't own any colour close enough to that famous Tiffany blue tho! (Later on I discovered I actually did.  I traded with a girl and I had Julep-Daphne, it's too late! such a bad owner!).

Anyway, it's the result:

I have to say, headliner is very very pretty by itself! I love a lot of Ciate colours!

Don't underestimate this simple nail art, it took me a long time and I wasted a lot of tapes!

I love this nail art a lot! Simple and elegant!

I am very sad that this only lasts for a day. I didn't apply the tapes properly, the ends pop up the very next day. This lesson teaches me that strips have to be done with caution, otherwise it won't look good and last long!

What do you think? I am wondering if anyone purchase the ciate minis too! They are sosososososo pretty!  I will never pay for their regular nail polishes, so expensive! But some minis will last me for a decade!


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