March 6, 2013

[Just Colour] Horrible Nail Polish X Magic

 I purchased 1 New year mystery boxes from Julep.  I joined Julep since October, but I skipped most of the monthly boxes. Why? They are very expensive!  I love Julep's customer service and idea, but I cannot afford to pay 3 nail polishes for $20 quite often.  I figured out that the mystery box usually contains at least 4 colours are the most economical option for me.  Of course the pitfall is that you cannot pick the colours and it might result in repeats.  I have no trouble for that, since I only own few of them :)

I tried the colour Brant, it is dreadful! Absolutely dreadful!  The colour did not go on smoothly, and it was so hard to apply. I messed up a lot. It is a disaster!

Brant, by itself is a dark black. That's it. End of story.

You get what I meant. Just a black...

Well, I actually had a lot of trouble applying Brant :(

I was going to take off this once I applied it.  However, I suddenly remember there is a nail polish that my friend gave to me a couple weeks ago. It is a very sheer colour looks kinda mix stuff. I wasn't too impressed, because I hate frost/shimmer finish types.  It definitely cannot be wore alone by itself.... Anyway, I am going to take off Brant, why not try that one on top, so I can freeze these two colours in the UNWANTED PILE? So I did.

The nail polish is Sally Hansen-Blue Frosting!
It is amazing, SO STUNNING!  It's duo-chrome type topcoat! I was so speechless!

Because Brant wasn't very even, so that resulted in damp surface!

It's very beuatiful!

I have trouble to catch that dual-chrome effect, that's why I have so many pics!

Colour changes according to the angles. you can see why I don't like Brant :(

Mostly blue, but actual there is purple!

Another hand!


You can see more purple from this angle!

I believe that people can find this polish in Dollorama now!

Anyway, I apologize for heavy picturings. It is very hard to catch the blue of this dual-chrome effect! You can see it is not prefect, just because I didn't have even surface to work with!

I don't see myself purchasing more this type of dual-chrome polishes, because the colour seems pretty limited! I have only seen in purple/blue/dark green etc, not on some other colours. I am wondering if that's related to what kind of chemicals can produce this reflection. 

I absolutely hate Julep-Brant, worse Julep nail polish ever!!

Anyway, what do you think about this combo? 


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