March 10, 2014

Braided Mani

Braided hair? let's braid the nails too!
Braiding nail is a new technique I learn from mainstream Youtubes. It's a very unique and stunning look.  I use E-n@il Bird of Paradise, Candy Candy and Bikini for the three colors.  From now on, I am not going to mention the brand, I only use E-N@il polishes nowadays.  I made a lot of mistakes while 'braiding', and put too many layers! Makes it look boogey.

I am not particularly happy with the result, I mess up some layers and it turned into a disaster.  In the meanwhile, I really admire this design.  The inventor is very innovative, although I fail to find who's the idea is this originally.  Maybe I will try this design again in a different way soon, maybe a half-moon French with this tech? :)  I never like to do the same thing twice lol


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