March 5, 2014

Valentine's Day Celebration: Manicure by E-Nail

Here is the look that I got for Valentine's day, and it's not done by myself!
Is it adorable? I really really like the dark-red brown base with bows.  I went to E-Nail counter and the lady there did this look for me.  I had a huge fight with my BF prior to Valentine's and he took me to get nails done as an apologetic gift, along with some new polishes lol.  He really knows me well *sigh*

For this manicure, I don't have those colors except Strawberry Yogurt.  E-Nail is really good with their marketing plan, the counter dos manicure for customers to lure us to buy more!!  I really want to have those colors NOW.   I heard that Taiwanese department stores usually have a sale around April/May, and I am trying hard to be patient.  Have to thank my BF for the prefect Valentine's day gift, we had a prefect date and I was very happy :)


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