March 3, 2014

Sweet Sweet Candies Manicure

Want some candies on the fingers?
I  am such a slacker those days for blogging.  Life is so busy and I rarely have spare times to do my works.  Anyway, here is the candies look I made about approximately two weeks ago.  I use E-Nail Bikini and Candy Candy for the bases.  Yes, Candy Candy is a new polish to me and I got it second-handed.   It's a pretty magenta pinky color with a hint of gold undertone. The  name should give people a pretty good guess of the inspration behind this look lol.

I still do manicures, just so lazy to write  them up.  Check out my blog right-side bar and you will see there are 'few' more new polishes.  They are my  triumphs from the past Valentine's day and of course, few shopping trips.  Thanks my dear BF stocked up my collection a bit and encouraged me to do more manis lol  I always feel refreshed after a new mani, and it keeps me happy and helps me to deal with the daily stresses.


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