October 5, 2014

Sweetie Style Manicure - First Time Featuring Pedicure

This post is going to be very special to me, the first time I am going to show my feet on the blog!

This nail art is done way before my surgery and it feels like an age ago.  It's a simply mani with simple design, basically some glitter tips plus XOXO line.  Nice and easy nails! I really like this glitter with the base combo, have gives a bit spicy look.

One more picture.  I noticed that my cuticle was much better back then. lol  What special about this mani is that I finally made a pedicure to go with this look.  I have Bunions, and I hate to show people my foot, because I'm embarrassed...  Well, but one day I thought, this is not going to be changed anyway, what not just make myself happy then?  So I do the matching pedi :)

It's a simplest pedi, a base with a bit glitter on the tips.  But it's the most dare experiment that I have gone so far. lol Not entirely pretty but I am happy to step out my comfort zone :)


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