October 28, 2014

[Purchase] Finally Moyou Plates Coming! (Picture heavy)

Hi girls, I figured that I haven't blog any purchase for a while.  Well, it doesn't mean no buying, I just don't feel exciting for shopping for a long time.  I still found that Taiwanese shopping quite boring and often very crowded with a lot of people.  An interesting founding that I like "quality" shopping environment.

Moyou finally stepped into Taiwan market!  I knew about their plates for a long time, but international shipping keeps my hands off from the plates.  Now that I don't have to pay a lot for shipping and I can have them.  Besides that the importer didn't have all the collections available, it feels like a prefect dream came true.  Even better, the price is very comparable, only slightly higher than their official site!  NT $2000 for 10 plates +free shipping (hope that my mom will never know how much I invest into nails).

I shared with a girl and only got 5 plates to test the water.  I was a bit disappointed and wanted to order more, but my bf said that I have to control myself of nail supplies.  If they are really great, that I will order more for sure. Why not takes the risk that I haven't even tried them yet? Good point and I tried very hard to select the most wanted from the list. They just launched another collection called Gothic and it looks prefect for Halloween!  Too bad that I don't live in London.

I am so looking forward to use them SOON! Let's peek what I picked up! I decidedly to pick one plate from different collections and then I will know what I love the most. :)  I always like different things through.  Each collection is also named by a girl name, how sweet!

1. Nora EXPLORER Collection

This is the first one I chose from the collection, It's No. 22 in Explorer series.  I really like the package, it has a jungle feeling, and the name also remind me of Nora the Tomb Raider lol

It's a one piece indie flower design!  That means that every time it will have very different result!  I was debating between this one and Explorer No. 4, which is the famous indie patterns and very pretty too.  Well, maybe next time :)

2. Joan The PRO (XL) Collection

I will say this collection is very interesting, no particular theme through.  It's mostly unique flower patterns and more common and simple patterns.  I would say that all nail stamping lover needs at least one plate from this collection!

I pick No. 23 from this collection to test the water.  What I love the most is pattern on the top left hand corner, it's a lovely roses and it will look stunning with some fill-in-colorings.

3. Kate Bridal Collection

The packaging is just so adorable!  I love bridal collection and the background of this picture.  it i's like harmony.

I chose No. 7, which contains 12 delicate lace images.  I always tried to pick the bigger stamping images for my wide nail beds, I dislike the small ones :)  The images are just so promising.

4. Lea Princess Collection

Girls always dream to become a princess when we were little.  I can't simply pass this collection at all, it's so cute!

I pick up No. 11 from this collection, it has cute cupcakes, flower stems, and some really cute hearts.  Look the cute letter on the top left right corner! I will go really well with so many designs!

5. Festive Collection ( Special Edition)

This time of the year, we are looking forward to the holiday season.  i have to get myself prepared for the Christmas season right? No big celebration in Taiwan, but still..well.

I was eyeing on No. 4 in this collection, which is exactly the same as this plate, but the images are large.  Unfortunately that Taiwanese importer did not have No.4, so I got No. 6 instead.  I really wish the images are big through.  But surely, the images are so promising!

Let's all about the 5 plates I got from Moyou, I am looking forward to put them into some use soon :)


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