March 8, 2013

[Just Colour] A surprise purchase ! Revlon Girly

I picked this babe up in the London Drugs when I was shopping for groceries! I was immediately in love in the first sight.  I love the purply pink colour and the multi-glittery in the bottle. This finish belongs to the recent nail trend finish- milky glitters. I did not own any shades of milky yet.  Usually, I don't follow the nail trends on the market, because I cannot afford to acquire all the finishes at the speed they come out on the market.  Most of the cases, I seek for clearance bans, sale items, discontinued shades or sets.  After all, students are poor, and I do not have part time jobs now.  Revlon polishes are not that expensive, but I have so much trouble to work with them.  They dry much  slower compared to other nail polishes. The polish itself is often very watery and hard to control.  Yes I know that I don't like Revlon, but I still purchased the Girly because I love the shade!

The bottle itself looks very promising!

Look that glitters, I looove it!!

This is my right hand, you may notice that my left hand nail is longer than right hand's now, I broke few nails and had to cut them down to look normal that's why :(

It's very beautiful!

I love that sparkle feelings, made me feel very princess-y!

The glitters are pretty, I love the colour combination!

Last picture!

Overall, I am very impressed by this colour. I usually get tipwear quite fast with Revlon, Girly is no exception. It takes long time to build the opacity for the pictures you see. I need 4-5 coats, because it is very sheer. I don't think I will purchase other colours from this collection, but I definitely adore Girly!

What do you think about it?


  1. This would love great over a more opaque polish too! Great swatches