August 4, 2014

2014 Chinese Valentine's Day Manicure

Hi everyone, here's my Chinese Valentine's Day Mani!

This year, I decided to go for a simple girly-like direction.  It's a very simple manicure, but I thought my bf will like it and he did.  I use Peachy Sweetheart as the base, I have this color for a long time but seems like have no manicures using this one yet.  I pat Snowflake, a mix large & small white glitters on the ring finger and thumb.  Finally, I put on the pearls I got in Daiso store to complete the look. Daiso really does have broad selection of small items, and they have various nail art supplies from time to time.  I really like window shopping in Daiso.

You may want to ask me how do I celebrate this day with my bf?  Acutally, we didn't do anything and had a very ordinary weekend day.  I am tried of celebrating with tons of people in resturant on holidays.  We may celebrate next week to avoid that, but no solid plan yet. Anyway, Happy Chinese Valentine's Day everyone!


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