August 16, 2014

Pearlized Arabesque

I am usually not a fan of pearlized polishes, but I can't resist Monthly Specials!

Hey girls, I have been super busy those days.  I got an job opportunity and have been very busy with the training.  I really hope that I can finally get that job!  Anyway, I have less time for nails, but I did not stop making new ones.  This is my not-so-new polish, Pearl, monthly special of June.  As you can see, there's almost no color, just a pearlized layers.  I topped Rose on the tips and use Superstar to do some simple curved lines.  Finally, I used toothpick accessorizing some gold dots to finish the look.

The look is very elegant and lady-like.  I really like how the colors blend together so smoothly.  I will update more manicures soon, they are piling up again as usual LOL hope everyone enjoys the wonderful summer time so far!  Taiwan is too hot and I spend most of time indoor those days, work, eat and rest mostly.


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