April 27, 2014

Milky Yogurt Chocolate Clouds

Got my hands on my new fav brown color and this is the design!

The brownie chocolate color is called Chocolat, a new limited edition came out during the Valentine's.  It's lighter than Mocha, more brunette than Chocolate.  I just love love love all the brown shades!  The milky white is February's special Strawberry Yogurt, it's a very unique color I have to say.  Not completely white or yellow, but with a hint of pink undertone.  Yes, of course I have this color from my baby nails set, but a full size version is always welcome.

The unevenness of the colors were resulted from my impatience.  What a perfectly normal circumstance lol   Now I feel I need some milk chocolates after checked out those pictures.  Anyway, a lot of people really love this design and told me it's very cute.  I hope you like it too :)


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