April 21, 2014

Spring Flower Half French by E-N@il Counter

I went to E-N@il counter and let the lady did my nails again!

I chose a very lady-like design this time.  Actually, I feel that E-N@il nail manicure choices are curator especially for Asian ladies, most of them are girly and cute designs.  Usually, I like more colorful and vibrant designs, but since I got free coupons to get my nails done, why not?  Indeed, the counter lady did a very good job!

I like the light salmon pink on the tips to go with that Tiffany flower stamen, the light blue brights out the salmon pink color combination.  I might need to get my hands on that Tiffany blue too(?), it's such a lovely shade for the summer (guess that E-N@il provided free manicures to lure people in lol).


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