April 23, 2014

Abstract Bow with Raspberry

I just noticed that the middle finger pattern is sort of like a keyhole?

It's a very bright fuchsia color, called Raspberry Jam.  I use the blue color paint created the middle finger pattern, supposed to be a bow.  Well, it turns out to be a very "abstract" keyhole in the end.  After I finished the design, I was thinking about the song 'Candyman' by Christina Aguilera.  I guess that the bright hot jam pink reminds me of her style.

One more picture of the hot raspberry pink, I adore this color very much.  Let's create a raspberry smoothies manicure while drinking some real raspberry smoothies sometime. I certainly need to have that in the summer.  I love frozen raspberry with honey too, it's my favorite snack in the hot season. yum yum yum!


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