July 20, 2014

Hygeia Spa: Hand Treatment and Manicure

A simple, plain purple nail manicure I got it done in Hygeia!

A couple weeks ago, I decided to visit Hygeia Spa for a hand treatment.  I received a GWP from my last shopping trip to E-N@il and it was going to expire soon.  The free coupon is a hand treatment for about 40 mins.  The girl trimmed my nails a bit and pushed the cuticles back.  She also polished my nail surface and painted my nails in the color that I chosen.  Here's the result from that!

What do I think about Hygeia Spa?  Well, I feel the service is very ordinary.  Be honest, the coupon face value is $600 NT, approximate $20 CAD and I don't feel the service is worth the price.  I can do those tricks better by myself.  Still, it is nice to have someone to serve you :)   However, I dislike the polishes they put on, it feels so sticky and dries very very very slow.  Hygeia Spa doesn't use E-N@il polishes, they have their own line called ECO nails.  It claims to be less toxic and lasts longer than E-N@il polishes.  Well, it certainly dos not appeal to me.  That summaries my first visit to Hygeia Spa!


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