June 9, 2014

Summer Crystal Blue & Purple Gradient

What do you think about the long-time-no-see gradient?

It's a bit unusual nail manicure for me those days.  As you can see, the polish is by ALLOYA, a Taiwanese water-based nail brand, which is new to me.  I won their Facebook contest last month and the prize is one nail polish color by my choice.  I am curious and asked them to send me this sky blue.  From what I knew, that this brand is launched by a young entrepreneur, and is exclusively on-line for now.  I used Floral Skirt for the base and sponged this sky blue for gradient  (seems like this brand doesn't give their polish names).  Tapped a bit Superstar to give the silver effect.  Finally, I put some Lavender Farm glitters on top to finish the look.

Sadly, ends up that I don't really like ALLOYA nail polishes.  They are thicker, and harder to remove compared to  E-N@il polishes.  Also, it has a strange scent, which is funny to me.  Nevertheless, they are water-based which is compatible with my E-n@il varnishes.  It won't hurt to have an additional polish in the collection.  What do you think?


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