June 29, 2014

E-N@il Counter Manicure: Purple Sparkling Leopard Prints

Yes, I visited E-N@il's counter again and had my nails done!

Here's the result that the E-N@il counter lady did for me.  I asked her to do a color combo which the polishes I don't own.  It is a hard task, since my E-N@il collection is growing, eh, quite significantly (let's put this way, shall we?).   I chose this dark purple and she picked up the rest colors for me.  I am not a huge fan of animal prints, but I like this work. The shimmer on the tips are just so pretty.

You may say this is more for winter/autumn time, and I totally agree.  However, I don't follow seasonal trends nor the colors of the season.  I simply do whatever I wanted and I feel needed at that moment.  Gosh, by looking at this picture, I feel I really NEED that gold highlight color...(shhhhh).  Overall, a pleasant experience with E-N@il counter again!


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