May 13, 2014

Flame with Brown Trinket: Inspired by Catching the Fire Hunger Game Part Two

I am a fan of Suzanne Collins's Hunger Game books, but I am in love even more with the movie!

This nail art is inspired by the protagonist of Hunger Game, Katniss Everdeen!  She's a strong, powerful, simplistic woman and I think red represents her the most.  Even though the theme of Hunger Game is not very pleasant, I love how it makes us to rethink about our world.  I cut my nails shorter and somehow, it actually suits more for Katniss's style (?)

The trinket near the bottom of the nails are actually hard to make perfectly.  For the result to be totally opaque, I need to make it 2-3 coats and it's even harder to make them neat.  I consider it's very successful result. That's go with the girl who's on fire style today!


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