September 7, 2014

Clear Leopard Print Design

I recently fell in love with transparent polishes!

Hi girls, i know that I haven't updated for about two weeks again.  Well, I am not going to give excuses again.  Let's just say that I am an irresponsible blogger lol.  I update stuffs infrequently and at the weird times.  All right, this is my recent nail art.  It's super easy, just 3 coats of Cotton Candy, 1 coat of Frappuccino rainbow sprinkles, and with some nail stickers.

What do you think? I really like the colorful sprinkles on the crystal-like texture.  It gives a fun, childish  feeling and life to the simple clear base.  I will need more polishes of this type of finishes! (another excuses to buy more??) lol


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